Rudy Janecka

Director of Retail Services

“I have had the privilege of completing deals in many different markets and many different sizes with rents of five hundred bucks a month to upwards of twelve thousand dollars per month—in New York City. With my tenant experience combined with Jim Kelley’s expertise on the landlord side, we know Champions DFW will be a more comprehensive force in the Dallas / Fort Worth and North Texas markets.”

–Rudy Janecka on the strengths he brings to Champions DFW 

Rudy Janecka brings a wealth of experience to Champions DFW as the Director of Retail Services. Jamba Juice, Inc., Pizza Hut of America, Inc., Taco Bell of America, Inc., and KFC from the Yum Brands, Inc. family, are several well-known brands and employment homes in Rudy’s extensive career path. Rudy’s career features more than 35 years of experience in a geographic area covering 40 states in commercial real estate development including experience in design, construction, permitting, site analysis/market planning, contract/lease negotiation, relocation’s and closings. Rudy is a relationship guru who can navigate clients through the ebb and flow of the retail commercial real estate industry.

At Jamba Juice, Rudy was the Franchise Development Manager for the territories East of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. He provided numerous franchisees with comprehensive development services including market planning, asset strategy, trade area evaluation, site selection, deal making, contract, design and construction assistance.

At Pizza Hut of America, Rudy was a Real Estate/Franchise Development Manager. He was consistently a top producer of new store development.  Rudy worked with multiple franchisees with greater than 1,300 existing units in his assigned region to drive new unit development and existing unit relocation’s through services including market planning, asset strategy, trade area evaluation, site selection, deal making, contract and construction assistance.

As a Real Estate Manager for Yum Brands, Rudy was also a consistent top producer for freestanding locations for Taco Bell and KFC and inline/endcap and freestanding locations for Pizza Hut in assigned regions.

Rudy attended the University of Texas-Arlington where he studied mechanical engineering before later earning a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in Business Administration and Master’s in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University.

Rudy continues to leverage his experience, knowledge and relationships with all Clients as a valued member of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty team.

Learn more about Rudy and the services he provides in this edition of the Champions DFW podcast.


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