Podcast: Alternative Investment Opportunities

alternative investment opportunities

Alternative investment opportunities was among the topics when Nathan Chandler joined Jim Kelley, Rudy Janecka and Eric Goodwin in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty podcast. Mr. Chandler is the CEO of Chandler Real Estate Investments.

“I got started in the real estate industry because my dad was a real estate developer and mostly in the self storage space and married a Southlake girl. So we were getting back to town as soon as we could. We sold that Self Storage Company back in 2008. I did a short stint with Cooper & Stebbins to develop Southlake Town Square and then started doing the real estate equity side of things and was the CEO of Heatley Capital for 10 years before I started working with my brother on our Chandler real estate Investments. Scott was in the NFL for nine of those years while I was running Heatley and we’re excited to have the opportunity to work together.”

Chandler Real Estate Investments (“CREI”) provides real estate and other alternative investment opportunities for high net worth individuals and investment advisors. CREI looks at deal after deal to find the best fit for investing its own money and presents the handful of opportunities to its investors each year that are chosen to add to the portfolio. As CREI builds a diversified real estate portfolio it considers market direction, conservative projected returns, and associated risk levels. The resulting portfolio is comprised of many different product types its principals believe have achievable returns that can withstand unpredictable outside factors. Established relationships with bankers, developers, brokers, builders, and other real estate professionals produce investment opportunities that individuals might never get to see.

Listen to this podcast on our website or on iTunes to hear more about alternative investment opportunities and many other commercial real estate topics pertaining to Chandler Real Estate Investments and Champions DFW.


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