Get to Know Eric Goodwin

Eric Goodwin is a sales and leasing associate at Champions DFW Commercial Realty, LLC. In past Champions DFW blog posts, you have gotten to know Lisa Amend and Larry Dillon. There have also been press releases introducing Liberty Kriesman and Jimmy Pyka. Let’s get to know Eric Goodwin who joined Champions DFW on November 15, 2013.

CHAMPIONS DFW: What attracted you to join the staff at Champions DFW?

ERIC: I wanted to work for a boutique brokerage firm specializing in garden office and flex space sales and leasing.

CHAMPIONS DFW: Why switch from software and telecommunications industries?  Were your roles tied to commercial real estate?

ERIC: I chose to pursue a career in commercial real estate (CRE) because of the income potential and the work flexibility in CRE sales.  My roles in software and telecom were not tied to CRE, but I did have roles in sales and marketing that helped in my transition to commercial real estate sales.

CHAMPIONS DFW: What led you to your current specialization in commercial real estate?

ERIC: I am in the early stages of my CRE career.  I have chosen to focus on garden office and flex space sales and leasing because it is the most appealing to me at this time, but I do plan to continue to build my engagement in the retail area as well.

CHAMPIONS DFW: What do you think of the current commercial real estate market in Northeast Tarrant County?  What’s your outlook for it?

ERIC: The job growth in North Texas is among the strongest in the nation, and that is an important market driver for commercial real estate.  North Tarrant County, like most counties in the DFW area, will see steady growth over the next few years.

CHAMPIONS DFW: What’s life like for you outside of work?

ERIC: My life outside of work is primarily focused on family activities.  I have enjoyed coaching my son’s basketball teams over the years.  I enjoy traveling, gardening and, on occasion, sneaking in a round of golf.

For additional information on Eric Goodwin and to contact him, visit his bio on the Champions DFW website.


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