Get to Know Larry Dillon

Who is Larry Dillon? He is the senior vice president of sales and leasing at Champions DFW Commercial Realty, LLC.  What should we know about Larry? He has more than 27 years of commercial real estate experience, and he joined Champions DFW in May of 2013. Let’s get to know Larry…

CHAMPIONS: What led you to work with Jim Kelley and Champions DFW?

Larry Dillon: After 18 years of working independently, I felt it could ease the day-to-day workload by joining a brokerage firm. I knew Jim and felt his company would fit my values. After we spoke, it was confirmed that Champions DFW was the best fit.

CHAMPIONS: What’s the best way to describe how real estate has changed since your start in 1987?

LD: Well, it’s the internet and cell phones, but the real change is smaller boutique firms like Champions DFW now have the same ability and, in most cases, offer more abilities to do what only the “so-called” bigger firms could provide customers back then. I find that smaller firms are the best resource for all property owners, investors, tenants, and developers.  Smaller firms don’t just rely on their branded name. They must produce, and this is really the goal for all customers anyway.  Bigger groups may offer more, but most of the time clients get lost in the portfolio or in the newer brokers to the firm. If I could share anything with local, regional and national groups looking to lease buy or sell real estate, it is that smaller groups like Champions DFW can and will provide the same, if not, better results.

CHAMPIONS: What are the challenges of working in commercial real estate?

LD: The main challenge is perception.  It’s when asset managers or property owners “think” a larger real estate firm is better for their needs based on size or name. What’s best for all real estate needs is hiring the team that will actually work hard, and not just say they will work hard to meet the end goal.

CHAMPIONS: What are your strengths as the Senior VP of Sales and Leasing?

LD: I love doing commercial real estate, and I look at all methods to meet my client goals. Sometimes those ways must be done in a creative way that most in my profession don’t really even try to look for. I try to place myself in my clients’ shoes and say, “how can I help this project reach the desired goal.

CHAMPIONS: What’s your commercial real estate career highlight?

LD: High-rise office buildings, retail spaces, warehouse and special use properties…I have worked with national, regional and local credits to mom & pop operations. I have been part of a site selection process for franchisees and franchisers.  My main highlight is I have touched almost every kind of commercial real estate transaction imaginable over the years, and I am multifaceted in the commercial real estate business.

CHAMPIONS: How would you describe the current real estate market in North Texas?

LD: North Texas is uncertain, yet strong, and it’s not easy in many ways. We need to work hard and know our business.

CHAMPION: Outside of work, what do you like to do?

LD: Spending time with my family and loved ones comes first. Travel, golf and other sports are among my interests outside of work.

CHAMPIONS: If you were not in real estate, what would you be doing for a living?

LD: I would run a charity to help others.

To learn more about Larry Dillon and to obtain his contact information, visit his bio on the Champions DFW website.


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