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Bryan Dolgin joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor on a recent edition of Texas Money & Business for the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Bryan oversees the social media and public relations for Champions DFW including editing the podcasts. Bryan’s social media storytelling began in a unique way.

Take a look at this excerpt from the radio show, and be sure to listen to the complete story in our podcast:

Jim Kelley: So we’re going to get into it in a minute in terms of the roles that he performs of us, and allows us to be successful in the commercial real estate industry. Bryan, let our audience know who you are, your background, and where you’re from.

Bryan Dolgin: Sure thing. Thanks, Jim. I came to the Dallas, Fort Worth area. And, I worked for the Texas Rangers for three years. I was on the radio broadcast for the two World Series years and the 2012 season. So I got here at a good time. I was the pre and post game show host on the radio for all 162, each year plus the playoffs and World Series. It was a lot of fun. It was kind of a career bucket list kind of deal where I filled in on doing some play-by-play in about 60 games over the three-year span. So it was really a treat. It was a career dream come true.

Ron Taylor: Fantastic.
Bryan Dolgin: To continue with that interesting topic is that in 2005, which I can’t believe was 11 years ago now. I was on the White Sox radio team. So I was their pre and post game show host when they won the World Series. And they ended the drought of 88 years of no World Series wins in the city of Chicago.

Ron Taylor: Do you play the lottery, Bryan? You know, I mean, you’re lucky charm here.

Bryan Dolgin: I know, 15 years in broadcasting, with those four years of Major League Baseball, a lot of years in Minor League Baseball traveling the country on the team buses.

Ron Taylor: Phenomenal.

Bryan Dolgin: To the Carolinas, the Dakotas with the Great Plains, the Midwest. Yeah, it was pretty interesting ride. And along the way, it was not just the broadcasting. It was also you’re heading up the communications efforts of the baseball teams you’re working for. So I worked for a team in Beloit, Wisconsin. The Beloit Snappers, which was a Brewers affiliate at the time. Worked for the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, which was an Atlanta Braves affiliate at the time. I did that for three years in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Awesome place.

Ron Taylor: Fantastic.

Bryan Dolgin: And then the Joliet Jackhammers for a few years. And that was an independent league team in the Northern League. And that’s right outside of Chicago. And then I went on to go work for the White Sox. But it was ground floor for social media, and with the combination of social media and PR. It was all back when websites were just beginning, while you know… Because you know a lot of people who are born now, and over the last 10 years, social media and websites are really…that’s been part of their life. So I’ve seen it all grow from the ground up. And that’s with all that experience, I apply all that by working with Jim at Champions DFW.

Jim Kelley: I feel like, you know, the Ranger still bases, I feel like we stole Bryan, because Bryan and I had met probably a year prior to him joining our team. And it was just, you know, a unique introduction. We met, we kept up dialogue over that year. And Bryan had moved from the Texas Ranger organization to a PR firm. And he pitched his services, and I said, “Give me a little time.”

And so as we built our relationship, it was just a natural fit, Ron, to have someone with so much diverse background, and experience. Even you know all that sports technology that he used in his broadcasting there to bring it over to commercial real estate, and help us to be successful in building the proper platform.

And we really kind of started… I think one of the first projects was press releases. Do you want to talk about the effect, and how we began on the public relations side?

Bryan Dolgin: Absolutely. When I shifted out of broadcasting, and I went into the PR realm and social media, which was just a really continuation of what I had been doing as a broadcaster, the thing about social media which I wish more people grasped this, it’s storytelling. It’s doesn’t just apply to sports. It applies to everything and anything we do.

Everyone has a story. Everyone likes to talk about himself or herself. Every week, Jim talks to a different guest about what they do, you know, what their specialty is, and it makes it easy for everybody to sit in this chair and say, “You know I work in pad sites. I work in lending. You know I work in whatever it might be about commercial real estate.”

And in coming to Champion DFW, that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to make sure that people understood the stories behind what Jim and his staff are doing.

Ron Taylor: I like that.

Bryan Dolgin: And that is hey, this property in Arlington has special qualities. What are they? And let’s bring out the special qualities. What’s the story behind it? I talked to a different broker on staff, and say you know, “What’s your most memorable story that you have of working with a client, good or bad?” And it just brings out the emotion.

There’s plenty more to Jim and Ron’s conversation with Bryan Dolgin and the discussion of storytelling through social media. Be sure to listen to the podcast below or on iTunes.

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