Podcast: Chase Business Banking

Chase business banking

Chase business banking was a topic of discussion when Elaine Leap of Chase Bank joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Take a look at this excerpt from Elaine’s conversation with Jim and Ron about Chase business banking and then listen for more insight from Elaine in the podcast—a free download.

Jim Kelley: Let’s talk a few minutes about the economy, what you’re seeing with lending. But first, give our listeners a bio and a background of yourself quickly.

Elaine Leap: Okay, yeah. So I’m Elaine Leap and I work for Chase business banking. And I’ve been in banking about 30 years. I went to the commercial side of business about 12 years ago, and that’s where I really am keyed for passion about business owners and helping them with their lending needs and all their needs. I really like to partner with them and be part of their professional team so that they can reach their goals.

Jim Kelley: Well you’re such a critical and important piece of what we do, Champions, in terms of connecting our clients that are seeking to purchase real estate with loans that fit them. Champions’ views it from a holistic approach. We want to get the best product for that client to be able to purchase commercial real estate. What is the lending environment right now out there, Elaine, on commercial?

Elaine Leap: You know, it’s still pretty good. There’s some volatility with interest rates. I think, you know, anybody who’s looking at the “Wall Street Journal” or reading what’s going on knows that there’s a little bit of uncertainty, but as you said it’s really not stopping people from going ahead and purchasing and developing in this area. So, you know, we’ve kind of always had a little bubble in DFW and we’re still seeing that. People are still wanting to grow, and move, and do things with their business, investment property. So I would say, you know, it’s still…the rates haven’t gone up very much, just a little bit. And there’s…the Fed is expected to possibly raise the prime rate a couple times more this year.
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