Podcast: Chris Baker – Transactional and Lending

Chris Baker

Chris Baker joined Jim Kelley and Rudy Janecka in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Podcast. Who is Chris Baker? What is his role in the commercial real estate world? Learn more about Chris in this excerpt of the Champions DFW podcast…

“I am a commercial real estate attorney by trade. I’ve been an attorney for 21 years, graduated from Law School in 1997 and went to private practice after that and practiced commercial real estate—also a little bit of litigation in the first couple of years after that. I went to a development company. I was General Counsel and CEO for them. We did single tenant pad site development and some shopping centers across the country. Stayed there till about 2008 went back to Private Practice in 2008 represented the prior developers and other clients of mine, picked up clients through the years and since that time in 2010, I started a fee office with Fidelity which is a title company and we’ve grown to five different branches with the title company over the last few years and still have the commercial law firm, Baker Monroe, there in Fort Worth where we have about 10 attorneys, and we focus on all aspects of real estate.”

Jim, Chris and Rudy cover a bunch of topics including…

Jim: What are some leave-behinds for some of our listening audience in terms of commercial, navigating the commercial real estate platform whether it be leases, contracts, what would you advise our clients as some leave-behinds to consider when leaning into a project?

Chris Baker: Well, they’ve got to know what they’re getting into. That’s what are they buying because what they’re buying it’s not a stock that can be sold on the stock exchange. It is something there. They’re going to be stuck with if there is an issue so spending the money up front and knowing what’s in that. Further, what can you do with certain property either if it’s operating now or it’s going to be developed from a city perspective because the city is your partner. It’s like a lender, they are your partner.”

For the complete conversation, listen here.


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