Podcast: Cleburne Economic Development


Cleburne is a developing community–from residential to Cleburne Station. Jim Kelley and Rudy Janecka welcomed Grady Easdon to the Champions DFW podcast. Grady is the Economic Development Manager for the City of Cleburne. Here is an excerpt of their conversation…

Jim Kelley: The Depot. Tell us what are the dynamics currently going on in Cleburne and some of the significant projects and the economic growth there.

Grady Easdon: Sure thing as you’ve touched on already the Chisholm Trail Parkway has certainly been a game-changer for Cleburne. We knew that would be the case, but we are really just now starting to see the impact of that with the growth moving southward from Fort Worth down to Cleburne. As you know, the tollway terminates there in Cleburne. So we’re at the end or the beginning depending on how you look at it-of the toll road and you know, we’re seeing unprecedented residential growth, commercial growth and some new industrial growth–just a lot of things going on.

I guess one of the bigger things right now we issued over 260 new single-family residential building permits in 2019. You might be thinking well big deal, but for Cleburne, this is huge because until 2017,we had not seen a hundred built in a year in 2017. We did like a hundred and five 2018. We did a hundred and eight, and we hit over 260 this year. And with what we’re seeing under development and what we have in the pipeline. We’re looking to average pretty close to that 200 number going forward. We’re looking at over 1,400 new single-family homes in the next several years. Wow. This isn’t going to happen overnight, of course, but there are a couple of very, very large developments that you know Cleburne’s part will be almost a thousand homes in one new development. That’s shared between Cleburne’s ETJ and Burleson’s ETJ. And certainly what you guys are doing there at Cleburne station is looking exciting.

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