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Goodwin Commercial

Pam Goodwin of Goodwin Commercial joined Jim Kelley and Rudy Janecka of Champions DFW Commercial Realty, LLC, in this edition of the Champions DFW podcast. Here is an excerpt from their conversation…

Pam Goodwin of Goodwin Commercial: I always tell people who are looking to invest in commercial real estate, they always think that they can’t because they always tell me they don’t have any money. And, which I always like to share with them, as we know, that is the easiest thing right now there is so much money out there for development. It’s the deals people are really looking for. So if you have an opportunity or a deal, the money is definitely the easiest part to find.

Jim Kelley: So what types of projects have you looked at recently? Are you looking at the QSR quick serve restaurant? Are you looking at a straight retail play? What are some of the projects you’ve been able to discover or look at and put together, recently?

Pam Goodwin: It’s tougher to find those opportunities now because people are not closing up like they used to and they’re still being able to make it. But the best ones are really the redevelopment taking in QSR that may have gone out or they you know are just relocating a couple miles away and you can buy that building. So we’re looking at some bank buildings that are no longer, you know used as a bank. Looking at those different opportunities or just taking different buildings. Right now I’m looking at buildings after finding out the coworking and the profitability of those I may be switching to coworking space. That in the beauty salon suites to me are those those two type of uses are still booming and people just want to be able to rent out an office…a suite. Even in the coworking you can, they’re having it down to where you can rent it out for just a few minutes if you need to. So it’s… it’s really changing.

Jim Kelley: That’s a pretty cool model. So you’re sort of taking your retail experience and sort of saying laying it over into more of an office and services oriented play which is really cool. So-

Pam Goodwin: Yeah and the nice thing is there’s some…it’s nice because I don’t… I personally don’t want to operate it. So I just want to be the investor in it and set up and you can setup these different concepts that they completely set… set you up even by having the apps and all the software that’s needed to be able to have. But now it’s really competitive too. I was recently at one called the Slate in the design district, going down there and they’ve done some really creative things. Two sisters created it and they’re bringing in speakers weekly to come in. I think they’ve done something really neat too. They’re changing out the artwork quarterly so they’ve had an artist where you can actually buy the artwork. They brought in a florist that setup you know what kind of a cooler where you can buy the flowers and they’re… they’re doing some really really neat things to, you know, help the small business owners.

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