Podcast: Goodwin & Ziglar Norman

Ziglar Norman

Pam Goodwin and Julie Ziglar Norman were the guests on this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast 43. Jim Kelley—of Champions DFW—and Ron Taylor of KEXB in DFW co-hosted the show. After you enjoy this excerpt of the conversation with Pam Goodwin and Julie Ziglar Norman, listen to the entre conversation in a free download here on our website and on iTunes.

Jim Kelley: Pam’s a dear friend and a renowned author, and commercial real estate developer, and broker. And I just love doing business with you and conducting business with you, Pam. Tell our listeners this morning a little bit about yourself, Pam, and what you’re involved with. And then introduce our next guest.

Pam Goodwin: Well, thanks Jim. I appreciate it. Well, I was thinking December of 1986, when I graduated from college, which seems like just a few years ago, and have been in some format of real estate, from starting off in shopping centers to working on the tenant side with Brinker International developing Chili’s and On The Border throughout the country. And now, going on almost 11 years having my own commercial real estate business.

Jim Kelley: That is awesome, and we’ve, Ron, conducted business together, but it’s phenomenal to see just where Pam has been, and the development that she’s done, and the transactions she’s conducted. And she’s also an author. Tell us just a few minutes about your books and what you’ve got there, Pam.

Pam Goodwin: Yeah, just a few years ago I decided to write my first book, which seemed like a challenge at first, but once you get started, it always takes the first step, writing the first word down. And the first book is “One Cent Lemonade to Million Dollar Deals: 25 jobs & 25 Lessons I Learned With That,” so that was my first book on all the jobs I’ve had and wish I would’ve learned starting off, just giving tips from each job on what I learned, and trying to help the younger generation bypass all those years and have some really good tips in it.

Jim Kelley: Well, we appreciate you sharing that. In fact, I mentioned before we came on air, I had two calls last week with folks that knew I knew you, asking about your books. They were women, and they were excited to get a hold of your book, and start reading, and learning how they can enter the commercial real estate world. So thank you for the example, and the leadership, and sharing all those stories, because I think it will impact young women’s ability to approach commercial real estate and give them the desire to get into it. So why don’t you introduce our next guest?

Pam Goodwin: Well, I am so excited to have our next guest, and I’m sure once I mention the name, everyone has definitely heard of her. But I had the opportunity to meet with her several years ago. I decided to… We’re connected on Facebook, and she was hosting an event, or actually speaking at an event, so I did a private message to her to see if I could come to her event. And not only did she invite me, but she sat me at her table. So I was absolutely thrilled. So I would like to introduce Julie Ziglar Norman as our guest today.

Julie Ziglar Norman: Oh, thank you, Pam. I like being the guest.

Pam Goodwin: As we know, her famous father was Zig Ziglar, and I was a huge fan and still follow all of his quotes, live by them, read his books. And so I actually had the opportunity to meet Zig. I should call him Mr. Ziglar, but having to meet him. And he was the one who actually encouraged me to write my first book. So I figured I better listen to Zig Ziglar, and I can tell you it was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. But I’m thrilled to have his daughter here, Julie, and getting to know her. And so I just wanted to… Julie, if you could just kind of introduce yourself and what you’ve been doing?

Julie Ziglar Norman: Sure, yes. Well, a lot of people know that I was my dad’s editor for 20 years, and that was such a blessing, and it got me very intimately involved with everything that he ever taught. I ended up, because Dad had a head injury that caused short-term memory loss, I ended up helping him on stage the last four years that he spoke. I interviewed him. As a result of interviewing him, I became what I call “the accidental speaker.” Zig Ziglar’s children have never, ever aspired to become speakers. Our dad was the speaker. We always worked in the background to support him and all that he did, which was where we were comfortable, but that’s not where we got left.

So as a result of having traveled with him and spoken with him, we were in front of over a million people during that time. Matter of fact, my first audience was just 18,000 people.

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