Podcast: Grapevine Economic Development

Grapevine economic development is a compelling topic these days. Jim Kelley and Rudy Janecka invited Bob Farley and Dan Truex to further discuss what is happening now and coming up in Grapevine. Mr. Farley is the Grapevine Economic Development Director, and Mr. Truex is the Economic Development Manager.

When you drive up Main Street in Grapevine, you cannot miss the construction happening there.

Dan Truex: “I think it’s going to be tremendous advantage to have the Train Station completed, up and running. There’s going to be space for retail about 20,000 square feet inside, but I think what it’s going to do is trigger a tremendous amount of development around the train station. The city has put into place a land use plan to kind of guide that as well as the underlying zoning. So what you’re going to see I think is kind of resurgence. You’ll see a turnover and those properties to higher intensity office in retail, and we already have two mixed use developments in that area.

The district roughly extends a quarter mile in each direction of Main Street, which is a walkable both pedestrian oriented type district. There’s three designations. You’re low. You’re medium your high intensity uses your high intensity are going to be more of your entertainment component and then your medium are going to be, you know, your community commercial mix of service, office, retail and your lower intensity are going to be basically residential. So that’s going to overall guide the development of the area.”

For additional insight of what is happening at Grapevine Mills and everything in-between Main Street and the mall, listen to this podcast.

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