Podcast: Healthcare Services

Healthcare Services

Tania Bolla is the Director of Healthcare Services at Champions DFW. How important is this role at Champion DFW Commercial Realty? She visited with Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor on this edition of the Champions DFW podcast to further discuss her role. Here’s an excerpt of the conversation…

Jim Kelley: Let’s talk about your role at Champions as Director of Healthcare Services, and how you see that role and what you’ll be focused on at Champions.

Tania Bolla – Dir of Healthcare Services: Sure. Well, I’m excited about this new role, you know, being able to come in and really jump in and help the team with all of the medical requirements that are coming in, whether it’s chiropractic, you know, family practice, any kind of specialty or facility really that’s looking to either develop or expand. I’m ready to take on that project and very happy to do so. My role really requires a lot of project management. So that’s what I’m focused on, is making sure that the client’s requirements are met and that we are keeping all of those projects on track. So it’s a very exciting role for me.

Jim Kelley: Well, I applaud you because you’ve already hit the ground running, Ron. I mean, within the first few days, she’s calling me, going, “Hey, can we help the doctors do this and that?” And so, we do a lot of work with the healthcare and medical. It’s kind of been one of my specialties in the commercial real estate arena. Tania, let’s talk for a minute about healthcare and the medical market as a whole, as it relates to real estate. What do you see happening? You know, most people are aware that, you know, doctors, if they’ve been in practice, they want to leverage that and buy their own real estate, buy their own building and have investment properties. But can you give us some…an insight as to what’s going on in healthcare as it relates to commercial real estate?

Tania Bolla – Dir. of Healthcare Services: Sure. Well, definitely, you know many providers that are just coming out of residency need to probably go into lease space and that’s pretty typical. Once that practice is up and running and it’s thriving, you know, I like to recommend that they get into a position of owning their own real estate as soon as possible. They can leverage so much by doing that, and really eventually become a landlord in the process. And I think that’s a great goal for any provider or group, is to go in that direction.

And I am seeing more of that, you know. Physicians are realizing that there are opportunities all across the Metroplex, to go ahead and purchase the land and build out a building that is ideal for their needs. So I try to put people in that opportunity as much as possible and I’m seeing more and more of that across the Metroplex.

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