Podcast: Land

Land is the focus of this edition of the Champions DFW Podcast. Kim Schwimmer of RKS Group, Inc. joined Jim Kelley and Lon Lloyd, and she shared her expertise in this highly significant aspect of commercial real estate. Here is an excerpt of their conversation…

Kim Schwimmer: You know what differentiates us from other commercial real estate firms is that we truly specialize in land. We don’t represent landlords. We don’t represent tenants. We specialize in land. We can represent any buyer, any seller, any developer and pretty much in any municipality around the state.

A large part of our business is representing real estate developers in their site selection and acquisition of undeveloped land. And later we’ll kind of talk about the process of site selection and what that involves. Another part of our business is representing investors looking to buy speculative land or helping families that have owned land for centuries and they’re interested in liquidating their holdings. And oftentimes these families live in another part of the country right. They have emotional attachment to their property. It was owned by their great grandmother. She lived there. There’s multiple decision makers and they don’t always get along. They need verifiable data. They need market info and they need somebody that they can trust to provide an honest assessment of the highest and best use and how to price it. And so we’ll get in there, research each property accordingly and help families come up with the best pricing for their land.

Listen to the complete conversation with Kim as she shares her valuable insight on land in commercial real estate. Listen for free here, and check out other podcasts covering a wide array of topics on commercial real estate.


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