Podcast: Milestone Construction

December 14, 2022

From Milestone Construction, Peter Kavanaugh joined Jim Kelley and Lon Lloyd in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Podcast. Here is an excerpt of their conversation…

Peter Kavanaugh: I purchased Milestone Construction from the founder of the company a little over 10 years ago. Milestone Construction is going to turn 30 years old July 1st of this year. So in that 30 year time frame, we have never left the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have never done any commercial construction with the exception of interior finish out. So in that time frame in the Metroplex, you’re looking at a little over 3,300 projects that we’ve completed the body of work has stretched in the original days from heavy commercial industrial to more mainline commercial to the last probably 15 to 16 years. A combination of medical and commercial.

It’s a great time to be in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with all the exciting economic activity happening and certainly in construction. So right now we are blessed with a number of exciting projects that we’re doing in finishing up several projects for Baylor as well as Texas Health Resources and HCA and then getting ready to start here in the next few. Weeks another exciting expansion for Northwestern Mutual on the corporate side. So is a lot of exciting things going on right now.

Jim Kelley: Well, I tell a lot of my talk about this almost weekly, you know Dallas/Fort Worth is a rocket ship in terms of Economic Development and Construction in this area and you’re a part of that Peter and I know that your firm while a lot of people may not have heard of you on the outside because you don’t get a lot of big mixed-use type projects and exterior, but in terms of interior finish out projects, I mean you’re one of the top firms in Dallas/Fort Worth and it speaks for yourself when you save done 3300 projects, .

Peter Kavanaugh: Well, thank you Jim. You know we’re blessed in a number of ways one of which is with an outstanding reputation. We actually do not mark it so I do not have a business development team. Our business is exclusively repeat clients and referral business. So it’s afforded us an opportunity to really be selective of our team. We have a ton of tenure. I have several folks that have been with us longer than 25 years another host that have been with us over 20 and then we have I think there’s four or five that have actually been with us over 5 that have been with us over 15. So it’s as you know, the key to any organization is your team and that team and our consistency is really this what I consider the secret sauce behind Milestone Construction.”

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