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NextStep Recruiting

What’s the next step for your business in commercial real estate? NextStep Recruiting can assist you. Chad Kooiman is the Vice president of Business Development at NextStep Recruiting, and we was Jim Kelley’s guest on an edition of the Champions DFW radio show.

Read an excerpt of their conversation. Then, listen to the complete conversation of Podcast 28 featuring NextStep Recruiting…

Chad Kooiman: NextStep Recruiting, we’re a new brand. We’ve been around in the staffing market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area a long time. I’ve been in staffing since 2000. We recently reorganized and rebranded our company under the name NextStep Recruiting and got into our new offices there off of the tollway and George Bush, in north Dallas-Plano area, in March.

We have a 16-person team, and we focus on staffing for contract, contract to hire and direct hire professionals mostly in the accounting and finance arena, the human resources arena, mortgage, administrative, legal, as well as healthcare business and office and executive search. So, pretty wide range of services that we provide. It’s just an amazing time in Dallas in the job market in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’re lucky to be in this market, that’s for sure.

NextStep RecruitingJim Kelley: Are those Fortune 100, Fortune 500 type companies? Are they mostly local companies that are your main clients, or they lie outside the area?

Chad Kooiman: We focus all of our marketing efforts and our business relationship efforts in the local Dallas-Fort Worth area. We will handle some searches outside of the Dallas-Fort Worth market, just because of clients that are right here that ask us. They may say, “Hey, I have an office in Oklahoma City,” or “an office in California there. Can you help me with a search there?” Of course, we’ll try to help them, but we don’t pursue that. That comes to us from our local clients here because of the offices they have outside.

By far, most of our business is here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and it’s really small. That’s the unique thing about Dallas, is the diversity of the companies that are here. We have, what is it, 21 to 25 Fortune 500 companies here. We have large companies moving here every week, every month, every year it seems. But then, obviously, the small businesses and the medium sized businesses are robust as well here in Dallas. We work at small businesses, large businesses, everything in between.

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