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North American Title

The president of North American Title’s Texas Region joined Jim Kelley on this edition of the Champions DFW Radio Show and Podcast. In addition to Roland Love joining Jim, Diana Griffith of North American Title also joined the program. She is North American Title’s business development and operations manager for the Southlake, Texas branch.

Here is an excerpt of their conversation….

Jim Kelley: Roland, start us off, give us a quick introduction to yourself and a bio on your background.

Roland Love: Would love to, Jim. Practiced law for 40 years, graduated here from SMU law school, grew up in Dallas, so I’m now into almost 60 years, a little bit more, in Dallas, Texas. But practiced with Winstead regional law firm, and most folks know, specialized in real estate. One of my very first clients was Southwest Land Title which eventually became part of the larger group of North American Title.

And more recently, the president retired, and I got a phone call and they asked me if I would like to assume that position, and I thought how great that would be, and I’m really enjoying it. I am board-certified in all areas of real estate with the State Bar of Texas, residential, commercial, farm and ranch, currently the chair of the real estate section of the State Bar of Texas. And so this has just been great. I love to problem-solve. Brought me in to be able to do that all the time, help people close transactions and secure their assets.

Jim Kelley: Well, that’s a great introduction. Diana, give us some background on yourself and your role.

Diana Griffith: Well, Roland’s a hard lead to follow, and obviously, he’s in that position for a reason and we’re very proud to have him as our president of our region now. I started in commercial construction for the first 15 years in my career and I was lucky enough to join North American Title, actually, 19 years ago. We started out in a little Southlake office, and we have grown it tremendously. I’m now the operations manager of the Fort Worth division, and I am responsible for business development all over Texas and across the country. So we are rocking and rolling, have a great team, and doing a lot of commercial business.

Jim Kelley: Well, Ron, these are one of my dear partners that I have known and done business with almost on a weekly basis for at least 12 or 13 years that I’ve been in Southlake. So they handle most of our commercial real estate sale transactions, and they’ve just got a fabulous job. And I tell people and I brag to them, “There’s not too many times that no matter where I’m at on a transaction, they will pick up the phone even if they’re on vacation.” There are not too many vendor partners that will do that. So I love them dearly, and they’re great partners for Champions and for my team. Roland, can you give us some background on North American Title, the various branches in the state of Texas and what you guys are doing at North American Title?

Roland Love: And I will echo what you said. You’ll see I have my cell number on my card. You can call me anytime. We love to get deals done. The Texas region has about 22 offices. We’re in every major market in the state of Texas. Obviously, we have a big presence in Dallas-Fort Worth, which is where Diana works, and we just love having Diana. She does a great job of connecting us and getting things done.

North American Title is a settlement services company. So you have to think that when we come to a transaction, we’re doing two things. We’re helping close the real estate transaction and we’re also bringing title insurance to the transaction so that the borrower, or the buyer, owner will have some security in their title. North American Title is part of a national company. So we are in every state, over 250 offices. We have affiliated companies. We are owned by Lennar, which is Lennar Financial, which is also owns Lennar Homes. So we have over \$14 billion in assets available.

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