Podcast: North Richland Hills

The City of North Richland Hills is the topic of conversation in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Podcast. Craig Hulse is the Economic Development Director and Clayton Comstock is the Director of Planning in this Dallas / Fort Worth area community. They joined Rudy Janecka and Lon Lloyd in this edition of the Champions DFW podcast. Here is an excerpt from their conversation…

“I came to North Richland Hills and in 2011 because of what was happening with the trains with the Texrail system and the future of the transit-oriented development as well as Hometown. So those three, the two TOD stations and Hometown really brought me to North Richland Hills, and I’m happy it did because that’s the area that’s getting a lot of interest that’s been the area of the most success–I think when it comes to more creative innovative type of development in our community. Hometown started in around 2000. It’s celebrating 20 years. Think about that how quickly it’s gone by but that first phase of Hometown along Davis Boulevard is now 20 years old at this point and during the recession, the developer, pressed pause as a lot of other developers did at the time, but what that did is coming out of the recession that grew a lot of demand and and the value of a lot of those homes in Hometown because it’s so unique, so different, more walkable environment for those that aren’t familiar with what I’m talking about…Hometown probably would be done by 2024 and general likeness totality. There’s also a hotel going in Hometown between the library and Kroger, a Town Place Suites by Marriott…And then there’s this area that’s between Precinct and Davis buffered by I-26 and Mid Cities that contains a Class A office park. Home to a few different headquarters in addition to high school and Birdville High School…”

Hear more about Hometown, retail and commercial development. Evil Knievel and Howard Cosell also found their way into the conversation. Learn more about North Richland Hills in this free podcast on our website and on iTunes.


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