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Are you seeking office solutions for your business? In this podcast, Jeannie Morris with B&H Office Solutions visits with Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor. The radio show aired on 620 AM KEXB in Dallas / Fort Worth as part of the weekly program on Texas Money & Business. Take a look at this excerpt about office solutions and then listen to the podcast.

Jim Kelley: And as a part of that move, they’re doing space planning. They’re doing staging of furniture. Logistics could become a big part of that process, and I wanted to have Jeannie on. Jeannie, this morning, if you would, give us a bio of yourself and a background of yourself.

Jeannie Norris: Basically, we’ve been in business about 10 years, and we bought the business from a small mom and pop who had a manufacturing division. We had a warehouse, and we would refurbish used systems and sell them back as new. And what we planned to do was to add salespeople and then sell new furniture, and so we have kind of evolved from that. We have started outsourcing the furniture. We don’t refurbish it anymore, and we use manufacturer’s showrooms to help our clients.
Jim Kelley: Let’s talk for a few minutes, Jeannie, about the services you provide because I think that’s a critical piece. You just mentioned that your business has evolved out of the furniture manufacturing refurbish business, so talk to us about what BH Office Solutions provides in the way of services today.

Jeannie Norris: Right. Well, we are offering project management services, and we also do space planning and design. I work with, I think, one of the best space planners and designers in the industry. She’s been in the business over 30 years, and she’s kind of like a consultant to me as well. Obviously, we do new, used, refurbished furniture, and we also do installations and full moves as well.

Jim Kelley: When a company decides to…they’ve either outgrown the space, they need new space or they buy a building, they have to do a lot of planning. And if the move goes smoothly, it’s because of that front end planning that they do. And Jeannie’s company and her team helps a company work through that process properly so that they can have a clean move and be staged properly. You don’t want to get to the other location and have things go awry, not working, not have the proper furniture in place for your employees to come and operate and do a great job. Jeannie, what are the primary markets that you operate in? I know we work together in medical and professional office. Can you elaborate on the vertical markets you work within?

Jeannie Norris: Yeah, I do call centers, IT education, there’s really not much I don’t…I’ve done retail. So there’s not much that I haven’t done over the 10 years. A lot of manufacturing.

Jim Kelley: So if you’re a company out there that’s needing your services, how do they reach out to you? How do they contact you?

Jeannie Norris: Well, I have a website, obviously, and most of my business, honestly, is word of mouth. So I have been networking for 10 years, and through that, I’ve gotten referrals, and pretty much any customer I get comes back just because I do my best to give great customer service.

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