Podcast: Pam Goodwin Returns

Pam Goodwin returned to the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. She is a commercial real estate development expert, consultant and author. This is an excerpt of her conversation with Jim Kelley, and the complete conversation (podcast) focuses on commercial real estate and social media within the industry.

Ron Taylor: Jim, give us a quick overview, really, of what you guys represent here in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Jim Kelley: Champions is a full-service, commercial real estate brokerage firm located in Southlake, Texas. We operate throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area in retail, office, industrial, flex, land, and investment sales, and we’re here to serve our clients. We’re in business to serve our clients and we can assist you whether you’re looking to lease space, buy property, whether it be an improved property like a retail building or an office building, or buy land to do a development, or you own something and would like to sell it or lease it. So we help on many fronts and we’re very passionate about our clients’ requirements, and we’re here to serve you.

Ron: When Pam Goodwin was on with us last time the ratings went through the roof. And I’m so glad she’s back. Tell us about Pam Goodwin.

Jim: It’s my pleasure to introduce Pam Goodwin this morning, long-time real estate broker and developer. Could you give us an overview of your story and what brought you to commercial real estate? And give us some details of your past.

Pam Goodwin: Sure. I’ve been in commercial real estate now for more than 25 years and have just celebrated my 10-year anniversary of having Goodwin Commercial, my own business. I’m very excited about that, and we specialize in developing single tenant, net-leased properties. We work with national retailers and restaurants. So for example, your Walgreen’s, Chase, McDonald’s, and finding property for them.

Ron: And, Jim, it’s exciting to know – and again, we talked about this in our last conversation with Pam – what a great asset to you and what you do there at Champions, because to have someone like Pam – and we’ll find out in our next segment for sure – it really is a great marriage.

Jim: She’s an invaluable partner. We’ve worked on some projects with 1031 Exchange Investors to those folks that are looking to develop attractive land. So she’s truly an invaluable partner to our team at Champions. And, Pam, you’ve mentioned you’ve worked with a lot of national credit. Is there any current projects going on that you’re working that you could share with us? I know I missed an opportunity to be at one of your grand openings last week with a client that you’ve helped.

Pam: It was a great opportunity. Rock & Brews – which is based out of Los Angeles – had their pre-opening party Saturday, which they’re located up there in the Colony, Nebraska Furniture Mart Development.

Ron: You see me smiling over here, because I know who you guys are talking about.

Pam: Right. So KISS – with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley – are part of the partners and founders of Rock & Brews, and they actually had their big opening on Monday. So I invite everyone; almost a 9,000 square foot restaurant, geared towards families, lots of shuffle board, fire pits, it’s for the whole family and the food’s fantastic.

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