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Prime Properties

Heather Konopka-Chavez of Prime Properties joined pam Goodwin, Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor on this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation. Then, be sure to hear more about Prime Properties in a free download of the podcast…

Jim Kelley: Pam’s a returning guest. She’s been on the show several times. She always brings a lot of insight and knowledge to the table. And Pam, why don’t you introduce our other guest this morning.

Pam Goodwin: Sure. I would like to introduce Heather Konopka-Chavez. Heather, she has more than 17 years of commercial real estate experience in her trade, primarily with multi-family in the mid-cities, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington area. She has the prestigious certified commercial investment member, the CCIM designation. And that’s really, really a big designation in commercial real estate. And additionally, she is North Texas CCIM chapter, a member of NTCAR, North Texas Commercial Association of Realtors, where she served on the new initiatives advisory board and also is a member of National Association of Realtors.

Ron Taylor: Good to have you on the show, Heather. Tell us about what’s going on with yourself and your company.

Heather Konopka-Chavez: Prime Properties is a new company. We are acquiring multi-family properties. We also work with lenders, owners on residential properties on rehabbing them. So that’s just a side note. But I was brought on as the acquisition director to acquire the multi-family properties. Our plans are to rehab them, improve them, and turn around and sell them. It’s definitely been an active market, the velocity has been enormous.

Jim Kelley: So Heather, are you acquiring properties just in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, state-wide, international, what? Can you give us some insight as to what kind of properties and where you’re looking to purchase properties?

Heather Konopka-Chavez: Right now we’re focusing on the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We do have our target on some areas that are growing, like the North Richland Hills area, there’s been several trades that have taken place that have increased in value. One example is 142 units that traded in September of 2015 for about seven and a half million. And it’s on the market now for north of 12 million. So it’s had a huge appreciation, so there’s some great opportunity there with getting those properties. We contact the owners directly and we also represent buyers as well.

Jim Kelley: Well, we continue to see multi-family grow and I get a lot of calls daily when we were talking about this offline, regarding multi-family investment. I mean it was reported last year there was roughly 30,000 apartment units added to the Metroplex and there’s another 40 that are scheduled for this year. So where is the multi-family market as a whole? Do you have some insight there you can share with our listeners in terms of the growth and where that’s happening?

Heather Konopka-Chavez: We definitely have tremendous growth in our area. We also have an increase on our population as well as the job growth that you mentioned. The McKinney North direction is huge, a definite growth.

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