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Priority Signs

Priority Signs is the topic of discussion in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty radio Show and Podcast. Ron Taylor and Jim Kelley, who co-host the show which originates on 620 AM KEXB in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, welcomed Janice Horak of Priority Signs to the show. Austin Williams of Champions DFWalso was a guest on the show. Here is an excerpt of the conversation. Then, be sure enjoy the entire conversation in a free podcast download.

Jim Kelley: Janice, tell us about Priority Signs, the history, let our listeners know where you are in Southlake, and a little bit about your business.

Janice Horak: We’ve been in business about five years. My husband and I own the company, and it’s a result of him leaving corporate America. And we’ve always wanted to have our own business, and so, after a lot of research, we ended up starting a sign company. We worked with a business broker, and you know, went through a lot of different things trying to come up with our passion and what we thought we would be best suited for.

And so we ended up with Priority Signs & Graphics. We are independently owned. We belong to a network of sign companies. This is not a franchise, but we have colleagues that we work with across the country. So it’s really turned out to be a great opportunity for us. My husband Curt had 20 years of project management experience, and I had the same amount of experience with sales. So it’s been a great combination, the two of us working together.

When we initially started our business, we did everything from real estate signs, cut vinyl, we would take on any project, and it’s been a great evolution. And we’ve found our niche in the custom sign fabrication and installation side of the business. We still do everything. We don’t really turn anything down. But we do specialize in the custom sign fabrication.

And over the past 12 months, we have aggressively gone after wholesale sign installation, which has resulted in the purchase of a couple of our own bucket trucks, we have a flat bed, we have a trailer. So we’re really able to keep everything inside of our business and able to do it ourselves without outsourcing anything, which has been a huge accomplishment for us.

As I said, we are a full service custom sign company, so we can handle your project from the very beginning. So through project management, design of your sign. One thing that we pride ourselves on is that Curt and I will come out and meet with you, and take pictures of your facility, take measurements, and then we will do a mock up for you and send that over to you. So you’ll see exactly what your sign is going to Kelley look like on your building or inside your lobby before you make that purchasing decision. So that’s a really nice advantage.

We do in-house fabrication, which includes the large format printing, custom wallpaper, window and wall graphics, as well as vehicle graphics. We do have, our space is a heated and air conditioned garage, which is optimal for installing vehicle graphics. We will also handle all of the city permitting for you. We’ll install your sign. We’ll handle the electrical aspect of your sign installation. And we also do sign repair and service.

Jim Kelley: Well, Janice, the theme of the show is Texas Money and Business, and I don’t know, Ron, the core and the fiber of our country based on companies like Priority Signs. Small entrepreneur like Champions, and we touched Priority Signs just about every day. I know for us, Austin, you want to address everything that we touch them and they touch us with, in terms of signage. I know one thing, well, usually for our broker signage, we also recommend and refer you to, our clients who need monument, pipeline signage, building signage. And it’s across over local markets. Anybody that needs a sign or interior signs, what do are you seeing right now to be some of the main driver in terms of services that you’re providing to corporate America in some of these new relocations?

Janice Horak: Well, what we are doing is a lot of times they have somebody that’s working outside of Texas that’s managing their projects. So we are their intermediary, and we go out to the site, take photos, do measurements, and we’ll take care of that for them. But also, what seems to be the key thing for those companies is the visibility and making sure that their sign is in the appropriate location, the appropriate size so that it’s going to be seen from, if it’s on a highway, so it has the maximum visibility. So we are able to work with them on that.

But also, we’ll go to the city if they want a larger sign, we can work with the cities to do a variance. We just actually went through that process in downtown Dallas with the Mosaic. They wanted to have a sign on the top of their building, and it wasn’t allowed from the city about nine months ago. And so, we’ve gone through the variance process, and we got approved. And we’ve just completed the installation of a 10-foot sign on the top of the Mosaic building in downtown.

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