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In Podcast 38, Jim Kelley of Champions DFW Commercial Realty and Ron Taylor welcomed back Boone Nerren of AMZ Equity Partners. After reading this excerpt from their conversation, be sure to enjoy the entire conversation when you download the free podcast.

Jim Kelley: Let’s jump right into it. Boone, you’re a developer, you’re an investor, we’ve had you on the show before, but tell our listening audience today about yourself and your company.

Boone Nerren: Very good. Well, we dovetailed nicely with Champions DFW and of course, we’re excited to have an opportunity to be invited. We’ve been very pleased to be able to work as a vendor associate with Champions. We work kind of more in the line of providing product that ultimately needs brokering services. For your listeners, the extra benefit to them may be the opportunity to invest in these type of things.

You walked through your top five there and, you know, it’s just wonderful to see things like the Arlington Ballpark being expanded and have a retractable roof and those type of really big things coming in, talked about Cityplace bringing in their 120 million in improvements, and Schwab now bringing in 5,000 employees, you know, four times what they were bringing in before. All of these things lead to many viewers, and we get questions…and listeners all the time, I don’t guess they can view exactly, can they?

I want to know, how can I get in as an individual investor out here with a 401(k) or I’ve got some cash set aside, I’d like to get into commercial realty. And that’s really what AMZ Equity does is we put together projects then for individual investor participation, where they get to invest in ownership equity participation in commercial projects. We will not be offering the Ballpark in Arlington as one of ours, but we have several commercial offerings that are pretty sizable, 20, 25, 30 million and up, that allow for some nice growth opportunities and participations for individual investors.

Jim Kelley: Well, Boone, well, thank you for that overview. But tell our listeners more about your product type that you develop. Talk to us about some of your projects and the services you can provide, because not everybody has 100 million or 200 million to invest. So, talk to us about the services you provide.

Boone Nerren: Sure. What we do is focus on, you know, there’s no one set template that applies regardless if you put it in print and take it out there and go to market with it. What it is, is a constant observation of the markets, and then creating product that fits that market niche. Tying into that, you’ve mentioned Schwab and Cityplace and other companies that are coming in that will then expand and bring other services. Well, when you talk about the need for the salon and the dry cleaner and the pet supply company and everything that will service the new residents in the area, those are strip centers. Those are also as you’ve mentioned rooftops and apartment complexes.

We currently have a single-family subdivision in McKinney that we’re putting together. We have a multi-family project in Ennis. And then a very strong segment that’s come up that is specifically adapted to current market conditions is creating senior care centers that are full continuum centers. And that’s where we bring in an adaptation. What’s the market creating? What’s the demand? What’s the need? Finding the right place, the right land, the right combination of demographics, and then putting a project together to fill that need, and bringing in individual investors to participate with us.

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