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Regency Lighting

Regency Lighting shined brightly in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Bo Klune of Regency Lighting joined Rudy Janecka of Champions DFW. This is an excerpt of their conversation. For the complete dialogue, be sure to listen to the free podcast below.

Rudy Janecka: We’re proud to introduce one of our vendor partners. You know, we do multiple types of varieties of shows. This is another one of our great vendor partners. The company is Regency Lighting, and our guest today is Mr. Bo Klune who is a good friend of mine. So, Bo, welcome to the show. Let our listeners know a little bit about Bo Klune, and then we’ll go into who Regency Lighting is?

Bo Klune: Yes, absolutely. I started with Regency about five years ago. My title is regional sales manager for the Dallas, for southwest. Fortunately, that usually includes everything from the Mississippi River west to the Rockies east, and so, that usually lands in my plate. I love it. It requires a little travel. I am a local boy, grew up in Bedford, graduate of UTA, background is in business, and I’ve been in the lighting industry for about five years now. In my time, it’s changed radically. I don’t recognize what it was five years ago. So, there’s a huge learning curve and we’re always trying to figure out what’s happening next.

Regency Lighting has been in business for about 35 years. Started out at California, that’s where our corporate headquarters are, and it started with two best friends who are still partners today. Strong believers, they’ve built a company from two guys to one of the largest lighting distributors in the nation. Regency has locations throughout the United States, from Washington State to Florida to New York, New Jersey, including our office in Carlton, and these are all distribution centers, we have distribution centers.

Rudy Janecka: That’s great. So our listeners, you know, regardless of where they’re at in U.S., they can probably find a Regency location that could service them.

Bo Klune: Yes, absolutely. Our national, we’ve focused very much on trying to deliver on a national footprint. Lighting is one of those things that is urgent until it’s not. And so we try to really meet our customer’s needs on a national level.

Rudy Janecka: And Ron, as you know in this fast paced construction, you know, they want it yesterday so, do you guys do direct shipping? What can you explain a little bit about your process, just high altitude at this point?

Bo Klune: Yes, absolutely. So, Regency has, we try to focus on covering every major area in the United States within two-day shipping. How we do that, it varies depending on the type of product. If you’re purchasing light bulbs, ballast material that is directly replacement lighting, that usually will come right through one of our distribution centers. If you’re getting into a construction type opportunity, a retrofit type opportunity, we will try to meet the customer’s needs based on how they would like the product. In terms of shipping, in terms of delivery, it varies based on construction schedules, all kinds of different things like that. Components, the electrical contractors and things like that. So, we try to be flexible to our customer’s needs. We’ll haul stock and ship in parts on different types of projects and things like that.

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