Podcast: Whatever You Need Development


Whatever you need development is the focus of this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Podcast. Specifically, Mike Whitfield–who is the President of WYN Development–joined Jim Kelley and Rudy Janecka in this podcast. Here is an excerpt of their conversation…

Mike Whitfield: My company is WYN development. That’s WYN which stands for whatever you need. And, the reason we do that is because when you get into commercial and even residential development the needs for completing a project are extreme. They can be as small as specifying something to a color or finish or can be as big as hey we need to specify everything right down to even how we’re going to furnish this thing when it gets done. And what’s interesting about using kind of a one-stop shop like us is that when you’re looking at the design of a project especially from ground zero or when you’re doing some measure of tenant improvement–when you look at it in the beginning how you plan to finish you end up realizing that maybe a window needs to moved over an extra 12 inches or something needs to be a little higher, a little shorter to make it actually functional.

Whereas a lot of times a simple perspective from an architect or designer isn’t thinking about the actual livability of it when it’s finished and done and so being able to approach every project with the ability to provide literally specifications from just not only the design components of how something looks, but also the functionality of what you would need to actually function the space including all the furniture, all the tables, all the equipment, all of the lamps, the lights, the the rugs, the artwork the whole package. And, how it all fits and synchronizes together with the finishes and specifications and with the construction knowledge on how to actually implement do those things.

That’s effectively what we provide and we can even get a step beyond into the graphic design components, 3D modeling of a space where you can actually walk through it as a consumer and see it before it’s done, which adds tremendous value and you know what? I don’t actually like the way that looks I thought I did when I saw it in 2D on the paper or a screenshot that I was given from a, again a designer and architect, but when you can actually walk through a space before it exists, which is something we provide–provides a really cool benefit to the end consumer to be able to see it and visualize it in in a virtual space. And so we provide all those different components.

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