The Right Real Estate Tools For You

Are you using the right real estate tools for your commercial real estate needs? Our team at Champions DFW Commercial Real Estate, LLC, is fluent in the ins and outs of the industry, but what do you do if you are curious about mortgage or rent for a property? Are you curious about Dallas / Fort Worth communities or buyer resources? Well, Champions DFW can fulfill so many of your commercial real estate needs thanks to the tools page of our website.

real estate tools

“The commercial real estate business is 24 hours per day and seven days a week especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area which is buzzing with exciting opportunities,” Jim Kelley said. He is the founder and broker of Champions DFW. “We provide our current clients and prospective clients with the valuable tools they need to be as educated as a possible on commercial real estate listings.”

Our blog has become a significant resource for properties that are available for lease and sale, but the rest of our website should be utilized to help you make an informed decision on your financial capabilities.

For example, you can download Excel spreadsheets that feature the equations you need to calculate the rent or mortgage for a specific property. Furthermore, we have city resources to help you understand building codes or structure policies. If you want to know more about signage codes for Euless, Texas, you can find the link to their city’s website on our site. Do you want to know more about the kinds of businesses that are in each community? Take a look at the list of neighboring Chamber of Commerce sites.

real estate toolsIs that enough information? We are positive there’s more on your mind at this point! If there isn’t, the following details are sure to spur more ideas. Our website features lease/tenant resources such as space requirement surveys for office, industrial and retail properties. We also have a tenant occupancy checklist. Just to make sure you/we haven’t missed anything, take a look at our buyer resources such as the build-to-suit survey or download the sale checklist.

“Investing in commercial real estate can be simplified, if you have a team like ours handling the checklist of responsibilities,” Kelley said. “However, if you wish to tackle it on your own, make the most of the tools on our website. It’s an invaluable resource.”

Find the real estate tools you need, here.


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