Julia Barth

Podcast: Attorney Benefit

attorney podcast

Julia Barth is an attorney and highly valued partner of Champions DFW. She is the principal owner of JP Barth Law Firm and Juniper Title–located in Colleyville, Texas. She joined Jim Kelley and Lon Lloyd in this edition of the Champions DFW podcast. Julia is a charismatic attorney who lends a wide array of expertise … Read More


Podcast: Real Estate Transaction

real estate transaction

In this edition of the Champions DFW Podcast, Jim Kelley dissects the concept of the commercial real estate transaction with Julia Barth of the JP Barth Law Firm & Title Company. Julia’s colleagues Jennifer Nachtigal and Melanie Vargas also joined the real estate transaction conversation. Here is an excerpt from the free downloadable podcast: Jim … Read More


Podcast: DFW Development

DFW development

DFW development is a popular topic in commercial real estate. In this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast, Jim Kelley welcomed Julia Barth to share her insight on DFW development. Julia is the managing partner of the JP Barth law Firm, and she has extensive experience in residential/commercial real estate … Read More


Millennium Title News and Title Policy Podcast

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Have you heard about the Millennium Title News? Also, if you are buying and selling commercial real estate, a title company’s role is critical—and trust in a title company needs to be a significant factor. When Jim Kelley of Champions DFW Commercial Realty hosted this episode of his radio show, Julia Barth returned to share … Read More


Commercial Real Estate Legal Matters

commercial real estate legal matters

When it comes to commercial real estate legal matters, it’s critical for a broker to have a solid title company. Jim Kelley discussed this topic on his Friday morning radio show, “Texas Money & Business,” (620 AM KEXB in the Dallas / Fort Worth area). Julia Barth of Barth Law Firm and Title joined Jim … Read More