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Podcast: Chase Business Banking

Chase business banking

Chase business banking was a topic of discussion when Elaine Leap of Chase Bank joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor in this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Take a look at this excerpt from Elaine’s conversation with Jim and Ron about Chase business banking and then listen for more … Read More


Podcast: Retail Services

retail services

When it comes to retail services, you need an expert. At Champions DFW Commercial Realty, Rudy Janecka is an authority on the topic as the Director of Retail Services at Champions DFW. Here’s an excerpt of his conversation with Jim Kelley from the Champions DFW radio show and podcast… Jim Kelley: Mr. Rudy is joining … Read More


Podcast: Investing Strategy

investing strategy

Investing strategy with Boone Nerren is the topic of Podcast 27 for Champions DFW Commercial Realty. The weekly radio show and podcast airs Friday mornings on 620 AM KEXB in DFW as part of Texas Money & Business. Mr. Nerren joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor to offer his investing strategy insight in commercial real … Read More


Podcast: Inside Demographics


What are the demographics of a commercial real estate property? In this edition of the Champions DFW Commercial Realty radio show and podcast, Dave Reardon provides his data driven insight with Rudy Janecka of Champions DFW and Ron Taylor of 620 AM KEXB. After reading this excerpt of the conversation, learn more about demographics in … Read More


Podcast: TourIt Media

TourIt Media

TourIt Media is taking you on a virtual tour of the properties for sale and lease from Champions DFW Commercial Realty. You can view their work on the social media and website of Champions DFW, but Patti Murray and Sam Eldridge of TourIt Media discussed their expertise in this edition of the Champions DFW radio … Read More


Podcast: Bryan Dolgin Storytelling


Bryan Dolgin joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor on a recent edition of Texas Money & Business for the Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. Bryan oversees the social media and public relations for Champions DFW including editing the podcasts. Bryan’s social media storytelling began in a unique way. Take a look at … Read More


Podcast: Business Banking

business banking

To learn more about business banking, Elaine Leap of JP Morgan Chase Bank returned to the Champions DFW Commercial Real Estate Radio Show and Podcast. She joined co-hosts Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor to share her insight in a time that the commercial real estate industry is booming in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. … Read More


Podcast: Entrust Group


The Entrust Group is a vendor partner of Champions DFW Commercial Realty, and they offer a different form of investing for their clients. Patrick Hagen and Jeremy Ransom joined Jim Kelley and Ron Taylor in this edition of the Champions DFW Radio Show and Podcast. Here’s an excerpt from their conversation, and be sure to … Read More


Podcast: Corgan Creations

land transactions

Tina Larsen, who is a principal at Corgan—a leading architectural and design firm—joined Jim Kelley on a Champions DFW Commercial Realty Radio Show and Podcast. This is an excerpt of Jim and Tina’s conversation. Following this excerpt, enjoy a free podcast download of their entire conversation. Jim Kelley: Tina, let’s talk about Corgan. Give us … Read More